Middle of week 3

My skin, why have you forsaken me?

I actually haven’t look in the mirror all day since I know it looks terrible. I feel terrible. I am oozing where my skin is folding and touching, worst being neck and bottom corners of my face and where neck meets face. Every morning I wake up with my eyes crusted over. Hydroxyzine and gabapetin combo must be working since I slept through most of my nights the past couple of days. Two nights ago, my groin was hurting so bad- stinging and burning- I was crying and writhing in pain. Thankfully, brain diminishes the terror, allowing me to continue on with my withdrawal. i am, however, extra cautious and remind myself to be gentle when scratching. I’m not sure when this first flare will let up. I know I used a lot of TS on my face, which is a big nono, so I will probably suffer there a lot, but I can’t help but hope it will be milder. I just wish my eyes aren’t swollen so it goes back to its original round, double eye lid shape, not this slit I have now.


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