Still middle of week 3

At my parent’s insistence, I have decided to move back home. While I didn’t want to so soon, it is nice being home. I decided to take a shower this morning and skip moisturizing, because there are research and anecdotes saying you heal faster that way. While that may be the case, it was too uncomfortable for me. So far cream I got from the doctor and the cream the Boy gave me doesn’t sting to bad. Thank God. I’m looking into getting coconut oil and shea butter, but the cost adds up and my skin is so fickle. I never know when it decided it will no longer tolerate something.

After I announced that I will be taking a year off on Facebook, the support has been overwhelming. I guess it’s true hard times will show you who your good friend are. As I continue on with this journey, I have a feeling that I will become indebted to a lot of my friends. I love them long time!

Even though it hasn’t even been a month yet, skin, and consequently life, sucks so much sometimes. I have resorted to avoiding most reflective surfaces. I know I can, but sometimes I don’t know how I will live like this for another year or two. /self pity

Everywhere I go I leave behind a trail of skin flakes. It’s amazing how much skin I shed. I think I read you shed 9 million skin cells in a day… I think I shed that much in few hours! I am losing weight as well. I’m not sure if it’s just muscle, or it’s because my adrenal glands are messed up. only time will tell! Meanwhile as soon as I am able to, I’ll start squatting, since my covered butt is one of the only things worth looking at lately ;)


4 thoughts on “Still middle of week 3

    • Yup I’ve been on them for about ten years I think. I may have used them when I was a kid. It is hard but I know I will be cured and become a better person for it. Be careful with these drugs! They are very useful when used properly but the side effect can be devastating for some people.

  1. Hi,

    I stumbled across your blog and thought I would pass mine along to you in case you want to learn about how moisturizer withdrawal can be quite beneficial during tsw. Please do yourself a favor and review my blog when you have time. Especially the comments from other people who have tried tsw without moisturizing. Please feel free to link my blog to yours too.

    The comments from a poster named “jsan” on the thread titled “Itsan – A Hand Holdng Forum?” are pretty interesting. Good luck!

    Also, be sure to review the Skin of Rose blog on the recent Japanese conference if you haven’t already. Highly informative!

    Good luck,


    • Hi Dan I’ve been to your blog! I think I’ve left comments actually. I’ve read Tommy’s blog as well. My sister actually speaks Japanese so I’ve been trying to get her to explain some of the papers to me. I’ve been without moisturizers since around middle of September and for me it seems to be working pretty well! I’ll be sure to add you to blog roll once I’m on my computer not my phone

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