Happy one month to me!

It has been a month now! You go Esther! Or something. My skin has been getting worse, slowly. I think. I try not to think about it and I try not to stand in front of a mirror and analyze it. That said, I certainly seem to be oozing more than I had before.

My friends have been wonderful, checking up on me, and offering to visit. I feel bad because I feel I have nothing to offer them in return. I need to man up and see some humans, but my face had been getting worse and worse, which makes me want to just stay in bed and watch Grey’s anatomy. I am oozing on my face, neck, parts of torso and back of my knees. When my bare skin touches things, I feel icky and uncomfortable. Showers are starting to sting more. Thank God I don’t have to study for school during this part of my life.

On a happier note, everything seems to be getting worked out. Except rent situation because a girl said she would do it, then backed out. I don’t know her story, but from my side, it’s more than just an inconvenience to me- it pisses me off, especially because there were people who were interested in subletting from me that we turned down. Wtf man -_- but so it goes and I will look for people again. Ugh! It’s nearly zero week!! Ok I am simmering down now.


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