I’m thankful for TSW!

Whaaat?! I’m thankful for the disease that made me drop out of school and be boring and stuck on the bed?? The same disease that wakes me up at night in itch fit and worry everytime I attempt to leave the bed??

Yes. Well kind of.

I’m thankful for the free time (too much really) that TSW has afforded me to think and reflect about my life and my values. I’m thankful for the chance to live out certain principles- true beauty lies within, relying on Christ, don’t be vain.
I’m thankful for my friends who have supported me, without doubt or questioning. I’m thankful for their belief in me.
I’m thankful it reminded me of friends who may be far in distance but still hold me close in their heart.
I’m thankful to be engaged to a guy who I know will believe and support me through thick and thin. I’m thankful for his reminders of how he loves me and somehow still finds me beautiful.
I’m thankful for my family, especially my mom. She does everything for me and surprises me everyday with her sacrificial love. I’m thankful for my dad and sister’s antics that brings smile to my face.

Lastly, I’m thankful for all the blog readers! I’m thankful TSW has connected me to lots of amazing, super strong people who are on the same path of healing. Happy thanksgiving to everybody and I hope it is filled with love and joy!

Month three update (week 13!)

Since pictures speak a thousand words:











And there are so many pictures! I decided to include pictures of my leg for the first time because now they are heavily affected. However my face and neck is no longer oozing a lot which has been a huge!!! Relief. Also I’ve taken pictures of my hands because they have rashes which has never happened before. Oh and note the ring. It’s such a pretty ring and pretty things come by so rarely during TSW process. :D and yes! I am engaged! Woo! A man who will stick through you during TSW is rare to find and I am so blessed to call him my fiancé! My butt and nipples deserve pictures too since they are also affected but I don’t think he would appreciate such pictures floating around.



Scabs that are healing are extra itchy (which sucks big time as I feel that would dramatically lengthen healing of the wound). I’ve been sleeping really well (no waking up with itchy fits!) until last Thursday. It’s a pity I didn’t take a picture then because my face looked semi normal then. Since then I’ve woken up few times scratching. Last two nights I woke up once. Asian food places makes my skin extra itchy after so I really should avoid them no matter how yummy they are :( The palms of my hands were itchy today for the first time I hope it doesn’t spread.

Compared to people on the forums I seem to be doing better which I am grateful/confused/excited but not really because I’m still very sick. That said I was able to go out and go shopping for food and generally function better which is really exciting and frustrating at the same time because I get tired and itchy very quickly. My skin is noticeably stronger and ooze less. I can scratch skin that is not compromised for a while before it breaks. My skin is less dry than it used to be. Although my skin seems to go through constant cycles of mini flares (few days of increased irritation, couple days of healing, couple days of reduced irritation) there are days that I go most of the day without major itch fit. At sundown however it seems my body gets itchier. I am not using any moisturizers. I think it has been helping me a lot. I am also still taking traditional medicine, avoiding chicken, pork, caffeine, alcohol, and bean sprouts. I try to avoid too spicy, salty, or fishy foods. I rest a lot and am getting really out of shape. My skin loves the cold even if I feel like I am freezing. I’ve been told sun is great for healing skin but I have trouble staying out without getting itchy quickly. If I continue to heal at this rate, I think I may be done in a year! Here’s to hoping and praying.

Month two (really week nine and ten) update

Oct. 22: I have been put on more potent traditional medicine. Not sure if that’s what it was, but I was doing a lot better for about two weeks. I was sleeping a lot better, had bit more energy. Then this Sunday I got another flare and became a blistery itchy person again. Still, I am not oozing as bad as I had month one, which has been a huge relief.

Nov. 4: woe is me my skin decided that it doesn’t like me again. Less of the blister cluster this time around though. Actually like none at all. I’m just very itchy and skin is raw and uncomfortable. I have to move very gingerly because it hurts to move. Bless the boy’s heart he scratched my back and generally tried to distract me from the pain. The raw patches of skin is oozing, but it is nothing compared how much I used to ooze and how much people on the forum seemed to be oozing. Fight on skin warriors! (That sounds Trojan-esque… oops). I am still extremely dry and flaky. Face skin is rough to touch. Scabs everywhere! Yum. I’ve noticed that when I am having rough day, the normal skin/tsw and therefore red skin demarcation on my wrist gets more noticeable. I am sleeping much better though! The past couple nights were a bit more difficult since I was more itchy, but it is still better than in the beginning. Nerve pains are less severe and happen less frequently. Woo!
20131104-102153.jpg     20131104-102212.jpg

20131104-102226.jpg     20131104-102235.jpg

Oh and hair loss! I’m losing so much hair whyyyy. My eye brows have definitely shed and is attempting to grow back. My hair just seems to continue to shed. The swelling of the face however went down a bit.