Month two (really week nine and ten) update

Oct. 22: I have been put on more potent traditional medicine. Not sure if that’s what it was, but I was doing a lot better for about two weeks. I was sleeping a lot better, had bit more energy. Then this Sunday I got another flare and became a blistery itchy person again. Still, I am not oozing as bad as I had month one, which has been a huge relief.

Nov. 4: woe is me my skin decided that it doesn’t like me again. Less of the blister cluster this time around though. Actually like none at all. I’m just very itchy and skin is raw and uncomfortable. I have to move very gingerly because it hurts to move. Bless the boy’s heart he scratched my back and generally tried to distract me from the pain. The raw patches of skin is oozing, but it is nothing compared how much I used to ooze and how much people on the forum seemed to be oozing. Fight on skin warriors! (That sounds Trojan-esque… oops). I am still extremely dry and flaky. Face skin is rough to touch. Scabs everywhere! Yum. I’ve noticed that when I am having rough day, the normal skin/tsw and therefore red skin demarcation on my wrist gets more noticeable. I am sleeping much better though! The past couple nights were a bit more difficult since I was more itchy, but it is still better than in the beginning. Nerve pains are less severe and happen less frequently. Woo!
20131104-102153.jpg     20131104-102212.jpg

20131104-102226.jpg     20131104-102235.jpg

Oh and hair loss! I’m losing so much hair whyyyy. My eye brows have definitely shed and is attempting to grow back. My hair just seems to continue to shed. The swelling of the face however went down a bit.

10 thoughts on “Month two (really week nine and ten) update

  1. Looking good esther.
    are you really scaley?
    I am really really flaky and scaley and when you pick the scales, it is raw pink skin under.
    Do you have that? My scales are like little lups.
    I dont know if its an asian thing or not?
    I only have tsw on face. Are you the esther thats also not moosturising?
    Do you find that your scales shed? It seems mine refuses to

    • I totally commented back but it didn’t register! Darn. I’m sorry. But hopefully it’s not too late! I am pretty scaly but much less so lately. I am the esther who is not moisturizing. I would highly recommend it, but I also don’t have to see anyone with my scaly face so if you do it, I get it. When I pick my scales it had pink raw skin that’s attempting to fully heal. My scales don’t really shed by it self… or maybe given enough time it will be I usually scratch it off. I hope that helps! Happy healing! Stay strong!

  2. helloooo!! dropping by after reading your comment ;) i think you’re doing much better than a month ago (judging from the photo)! the hair will grow back! don’t worry! i somehow feel hairier than before. like my eye brows are thicker now! my hair is still growing though, i see a lot of baby hair that’s poking out of my head. hahaha!

    stay strong!

  3. Hi Lisa! It’s so good to hear from fellow skin warrior! I am the Esther that’s not moisturizing. I think it helped for me and the transition wasn’t too bad – I mean it was going to be painful either way so I just stuck it through. I think the main thing is I have nobody to look good for (well my fiancé but he understands that I’m flaky and it helps me he da best) so I don’t have issues looking not moisturized. As for scaly.. I’m not quite sure. I do have clusters of scabs, some that doesn’t really want to get off. The scabs seemed to be very different than blood clot that you usually associate with “scabs.” I’ll be posting more close up pictures in higher def so you can compare and check it out! But these ooze scabs (maybe scale) definitely have raw skin underneath.

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