Four month picture update

Here is the pictures. Looking at pictures from month one, I have come a long long way. The lighting is so hard to get right with my iPhone and so I include multiple face and arm pictures taken from various lighting. My skin is definitely stronger and I think I’m getting stronger internally as well!




I think the picture taken furthest away is probably the most accurate depiction.






I am definitely going through a mini flare – I woke up once or twice and scratch my arm wound like crazy. Edit: just started my period, flares always come when I have my period Hence the red raw skin. My butt looks like that but worse and more scabby and oozey.




There are actually quite a bit of soft to touch, almost normal skin on my back and stomach. My nipple oozes just a bit now, nothing compared to what it used to be.

If you have any questions or want better pictures, let me know! Happy healing everybody!!

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