Month 7 update

I ended up not putting up month 6 photos.. Oops. But it was basically the same as I do now, but the teensiest bit worse. I am still not using any moisturizers. I am still drinking lots of rooibos tea in lieu of water, and trying harder to eat gluten free now – I have gluten sensitivity but I’ve also been baking a lot and I was naughty the past few weeks. I try to avoid msg as I’ve always been sensitive to it. For supplements I started to take activated b12 (methylcobalamin). I’ve been taking vit d, vit c, and “complete” vitamins which includes bunch of vitamins and minerals. That said, I am not very regular about it (I’m a bad patient) and the latter two are in gummy bear form so they are delicious but i don’t know how effective it is.

My skin is doing awesome! It no longer consumes my life. I’m itchy here and there for few seconds at a time. Definitely nothing to upsetting. My face and scalp seems to be the itchiness. The most promising thing is the strength of my skin. Whenever I get itchy I just itch because 1. It doesn’t last long, nor is it intense; 2. My skin is strong enough that I don’t do any damage to it. The worst I’ve done is fingernail sized scab, which does not ooze and quickly scab over, or more commonly just white fingernail streaks which eventually goes away as oil comes back on the areas. Sweating has always made me itchy and it still seems to be the case. When I do yoga, Pilates, or go for a walk I try to not get sweaty.

As for other Topical Steroid Withdrawal related symptoms, I don’t really have any. I’ve been sleeping well for few months now, I seem to regulate temperature well. I haven’t had bad nerve pains in a long time as well.

All that to say skin is no longer the evil overlord of my life. Now the pictures!

Taken at 6.75 month


Taken at month 7

20140318-133409.jpg    20140318-133428.jpg

20140318-133440.jpg   20140318-133642.jpg

20140318-133535.jpg    20140318-133622.jpg


20140318-133557.jpg     20140318-133605.jpg

Mainly discoloration throughout my body as it figures things out. I’m thankful for the progress!

10 thoughts on “Month 7 update

  1. This is wonderful news, Sweetie! I am SO proud of you and your whole attitude and your determination. You ROCK! We know it has to do with you putting the Lord first. He will pull you through. *squeezes you* ♥ I am praying for continued healing, comfort, and strength.

    Love you! ♥

  2. Okay, I am here! You look rad. I’m so happy for you that your flare is calming down. I feel like when I started finding agency for myself, the whole mind/body connection did its thang, and my TSW symptoms calmed the fuuuck down. (And then flared up again for a cycle, as its wont to do. As my naturopath said: your body wants you to keep learning!)

    My sis is in her early stages of this now :( It’s not awesome to see the monster passed onto someone else, esp. in your family….

    • Hi you! thanks so much!! I’m so glad my health is doing ok too. thank goodness.
      That’s so unfortunate!! :( well at least she knows that there will be an end and she doesn’t have to wonder about what the hell is happening to her body. Send her my love!

  3. Hi Esther…you are our hero! Thank you for always answering questions I have. You don’t know how valuable you have been. :)

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