Almost month 8 updates

Hello! Two days and one week before month 8 hits! I can’t believe how fast time has been going! My skin is continuing to improve, although my face is still a bit itchy at times.

I want to talk about how my health does aside from the skin. Topical steroid withdrawal affects overall health not just skin. Ever since I’ve gotten sick I’ve had trouble with low energy level- and if you knew me pre-TSW, that would’ve been a preposterous idea. Well, I’m happy to report my energy level keeps going up! About a month ago I went rock climbing.

It was really hard. I’ve always loved climbing and it was disappointing how weak I has gotten. Then last week I went again and Lo! I am so much stronger!

I am able to push through the pain! It’s incredible knowing that I am not only healing on the outside but inside as well. I am able to powerwalk for about hour and a half without getting tired. It seems pathetic from where I used to be but considering how I was seven months ago… it’s everything.

I am also happy to report a big milestone- warm shower without pain! Granted it was very short- just few minutes- but it was amazing how far I have come!

Happy healing everybody! Don’t get discouraged!

8 thoughts on “Almost month 8 updates

  1. Great news! You must be recovering well! It will be interesting to see at which point does our body start to feel more energetic during the TSW process.

    I’ve been running and working out alot since month 2+ …I’d say the more we move, the more energetic we get too. On the flip side, I think I’ve developed another phobia: the fear of debilitation. So I’d do everything I can while I can to sweat, workout, move my ass, recover my loss ‘6-pack’ abs lol.

    Keep moving!

    • I do intend to keep moving!! I am excited for what’s at store! I am getting more and more relaxed flares. I am hesitant to say I am 100% healed just because so many people have gotten belated flares after a break, but as of now I feel great!

  2. This is SUCH wonderful news, Baby doll! I am so happy! I continue to send prayers for your continued healing and for your amazing attitude. :D YOU ROCK!

    *hugs you* ♥

  3. How awesome!!!! I know the feeling of finally feeling like you can do the things you used to!!! I too am much weaker but gradually building up endurance! Happy 8 months!!

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