Just took a warm bath and shower!

Apr 22: I don’t remember the last time I did this. Relaxing in the warm (not lukewarm) water? Exfoliating on purpose? Amazing!

I was giving myself a pedicure and realized how much dead skin I had accumulated. Then I decided I’m going to chance the bath and get all the dead skin of my body!

The bath itself was fairly lukewarm. It started been nice and warm but it got cooler quickly. I soaked and got all my dead skin off. Now, I was naughty and rub/scratched them off. As not recommended this method may be, I think it’s a testament to the strength of my skin that it took the casting and ended up fine on the other side. There was quite a bit of dead skin! Gross! I stayed in the bath for about twenty minutes.

Afterwards I rinsed off… except the water felt so warm and good I ended up showering for about fifteen, twenty minutes.
This is me right after getting it of the shower.


I’m happy to report my skin is still doing fine! Victory!! During the shower my jaw line was feeling a bit itchy so I was worried, but it’s doing fine. My skin feels fine- no dryness or extra itches. In fact, it looks less ashy when I do scratch. This is probably because I got all that dead skin off. I’ll report back how I do tonight and tomorrow!

Apr 23: the night was good! I think I felt a bit itchier on my face, but I may just have been hyperaware. Day went all well fine, I took a walk for about twenty min and it’s sunny outside and I didn’t feel irritated. My face looks basically the same, maybe a bit more oil. My body skin feels more smooth and supple due to the exfoliation. Overall I’d call my little gamble a success!

5 thoughts on “Just took a warm bath and shower!

    • It was great! I think it may have been a wee bit early for my face but it’s holding up fine. Maybe a bit drier… but I did use acne spot treatment last night aha

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