Eight month and one week

Flare? Has hit me. Except I’m not sure if it is a flare. My skin integrity is still great, I’m now moisturized than ever on my body. Itch is still very mild, but a bit more than it used to be. But my skin isn’t great – I have these.. hives from allergies? Or something. Except the only thing that changed in my life is that my husband is now back from Australia. 

I’ve never had them before- it’s not like my original eczema or tsw that I’ve experienced. It seems to spread for past few days and now stopped? Maybe? It’s tiny little pin prick, usually clusters of them, but not filled with fluid- it’s solid. I scratch, and eventually when the skin breaks, it bleeds not ooze. Is this what people describe as bumpy skin? Any ideas? If I account return of husband as part of differential scabies seems most likely except the pictures don’t compare. And he is asymptomatic. So not scabies. Not herpeticum, not folliculitis (all of these present with fluid filled blisters). Just garden variety topical steroid withdrawal? But I don’t think I’ve read a relapsing flare present like this either. Hmmm. Help!

Two days ago (4/28)






Today (4/30)








3 thoughts on “Eight month and one week

  1. Your hands look really clear Esther which is good because most get bad TSW hands. I agree that flares suck but I keep thinking that flares are one step closer to total healing :) you go girl :)

  2. I’ve had something like this for the past couple of weeks too and I attribute it to TSW still. I’m at the start of month 7 and skin, although it has generally been quite okay, is still dry and itchy at times.

    Not sure if it’s a flare or not but at least its not oozing! You’re not the only one so don’t worry.

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