Autoimmune protocol and detox juice – week 4

July 21- day 22
Slept so well! I’ve been getting such nice sleep :D love it!

TMI warning- I talk about my bowl movement:

I’ve noticed that pooping is different. Before most time I had to poo it was a emergency. And the poo was usually runny/diarrhea like. Since starting and getting settled in my diet- so about week two onwards- the signal is almost too minute. I think I had emergency runny poo once or twice, maximum. I should’ve written down what I had. Darn. I go at least once every two days, usually once a day. If I skip a day, there is a lot more the next day so it all balances out. And I poo well – if you look at poop hardness chart, I’m on the optimal hardness. I feel relieved and free.

All that aside, I am really satisfied with this diet. Now that I have settled in, I don’t really have any cravings, although I do get munchies. At night, I just want to eat and eat then eat some more. It’s weird. I feel like I am eating so damn much but I’m not gaining any weight. Well I’m complaining haha. Minimal itch, woke up a bit dry on face, but by night it looks moisturised.

July 22- day 23
The past week or so I’ve been having a dramatic increase in energy. I sleep very well and a lot- usually 8-9 hrs a day- and when I wake up, I am energised, ready to take on the day.

I made AIP friendly beef schnitzel for dinner and it was delicious! As for skin, there is minute improvement. Very mild itching if any, face and scalp dry upon waking up but settles down eventually. And I’m not even complaining about dry skin as it’s not tight or anything. Haven’t had painful burning skin in a long time. If I do scratch, wounds heal right away.


The rest of the week (sorry I got busy and lazy :p)
My skin continues to do very well. Sorry for lack of pictures- my phone is bad so I have to use my husbands and it’s annoying. This from wed onward though, my digestive system waged a war on me. I was diarrhea all over the place. On Friday, I decided maybe I’ll try an aioli to start introducing egg yolk. Big mistake. I pooped everything that is within me and felt nauseous few hours later. That night, I definitely didn’t sleep as well as I had been.

Then Saturday I didn’t eat much to give my system a rest then had an egg omelette around 5pm. I was careful to chew really well and drink water. My stomach was fine but again, that night, I didn’t sleep as well as I had been. I was up here and there scratching. I think maybe I’ll give eggs a break and move on to mustard for now. What a shame! I love eggs :( That said, my skin still looks pretty good!

Sunday- Stomach finally settled down for good, I think. Still had extra itchier at night time, I’m assuming carryover from eggs. I held back today and only ate “safe” food.

Monday – whole month down! I would say the experiment was a success! Even with mild flare from the eggs, I look and feel much better! I think the diet definitely helped- I don’t know how I went without all the nutrition I get nowadays. Excited to reintroduce food, but honestly, after a month, diet really isn’t that hard anymore. You get creative and I still get to eat delicious food!




7/21 (I had fries and ice cream yesterday but doesn’t seem to affect my skin too much)



Month 11 update

Woah! Only one more month till I hit my one year mark! Crazy!

I am continuing on my autoimmune protocol diet and with my detox juice, although last two days I didn’t drink my juice- I forgot to make a batch. If anybody wants to attempt this diet, planning is key!

I am dry on my face and neck when I wake up, although few hours into it, I don’t look too flaky anymore. I may be extra harsh on my skin though since my husband says my skin has been looking good. You tell me who is biased after the photo haha. Unfortunately I’ve been mini flaring the last two days so I’m looking worse for the wear. Thankfully, even during the flare, sleeping has been fairly easy. I take a bit longer to go to sleep – like 10-15 min longer but I still sleep really well. Huzzah!

My most affected areas are face, neck, and scalp. Rest are pretty good. I have scabs here and there but the overall moisture of the skin is looking good. My arms, chest and back are pretty moisturised. My elbow flexure sometimes gets itchy and it oozes but it scabs up right away and heals fast.

As mentioned in my AIP diet updates, I am pretty much itch free till night time – and even then, unless I’m flaring, the itch is pretty minimal. If my face and neck stop itching and gains back their moisture, I would feel comfortable leading a normal life – and ultimately claim to be healed if that persists.

My energy level has been great! I’ve been really active – yesterday I was out from 12-6 then 7-10:30. I’ve been exercising but sweating still makes me irritated so I’ve been avoiding that. Still wake up sore everyday though.



I’ve been mini flaring as I begin to reintroduce foods back into my diet. I was naughty yesterday and skipped straight to fries (merp/oops). My stomach hurt a bit but I don’t think my skin was affected too much. I did have a harder time sleeping though- not itchy, just not sleepy. I also had couple spoonful of ice cream. It was delicious.

Only consistently affected parts are face, neck, scalp, and arms. As you can see, I don’t have the red sleeve anymore. To be honest I don’t even remember when it went away :p I felt my healing has been very stagnant, but upon looking back, they’ve even doing better and better!










Autoimmune protocol & detox juice – week 3

July 14- day fifteen
I slept really well. I’ve been sleeping pretty well recently. I had a bit of itchy face in the morning, which subsided in an hour or so. The itch isn’t intense – but since I don’t really get itchy during the day, any itch I have is really noticeable. For dinner I’ve had sesame seeds accidentally. After dinner I was ok – great mood actually because I went clothes shopping w my husband. We shall see how I do in the morning.

July 15- day 16
Slept really well! I have been extra tired though recently – I sleep well but my body just wants more sleep (1-2hrs more). I have been more active lately so maybe my body just needs to recover. Unfortunately I woke up and in an hour or so I was a bit itchy again. I really hope sesame seeds aren’t the culprit because I love them! Fortunately in an hour it subsided. Yesterday I was surrounded by cakes and I had an urge to introduce almonds faster just so I can eat some pastry type deals, but it seems that I really should be following the course. Full 30 day here I go!

July 17- day 18
I had the most delicious dinner – apple, onion and fennel smothered porkchop. But! I was extra itchy this night. The dinner was high in sugar – the chicken broth was reduced to thick and sticky syrup. Maybe that is why? Or I may just be flaring. But I ended up sleeping really well.

I took a shower and it wasn’t painful! Woot. But I was fairly dry and tight afterwards which was new. I know I’m flaky but I never feel tight lately. It too couple hours to recover then I felt better.

July 18- day 19
Had a minor flare – I was extra itchy before I went to sleep. I ate clean today so I’m wondering if it’s the celery. Apparently celery has large amount of sodium nitride. I ate lots of celery in my chicken soup. Or I may just be flaring.

July 19 – day 20
I had a really full day! Was out walking and exploring basically all day long. Even though I was dressed up and was wearing tights, I didn’t really have any trouble with itching. Woo!

For dinner, we went to a pub and had the most amazing roasted pork belly and kangaroo steak. It came with salads and the dressing I’m not entirely sure if it was 100% AIP complaint. Oops. It was SO GOOD THOUGH. I’ve been really lucky to find so many restaurant that is AIP (almost) compliant. Before sleeping I was flaring a bit but I fell asleep quickly enough and overall slept really well. I did wake up once and was itchy, but I woke up from needing to pee then the itch. I’m not oozy though so yay!

July 20- day 21
Three weeks hurray! I woke up kind of itchy but it subsided in time. Since I’m more itchy recently than I have been in the past I consider myself to be in a mini flare. Apparently my body was heating up last night but I didn’t feel like it was. My back was itchy which hasn’t happened since pretty much the beginning. It’s really mild though, thank goodness. As always in the morning my face was dry but it got better throughout the day. No oozing – skin on skin contact is comfortable.

The day was more relaxing. We did housework and went out for dinner and movie. I ate so much carbs today- baked/fried sweet potato starch and one and half of banana with about teaspoon or two of honey. Haha I guess it’s not that much to most people but considering my diet recently, it’s verging on gorging haha. Thankfully it’s almost ten pm right now and I’m feeling good! The cold air always seem to help.

Autoimmune protocol & detox juice – week 2

July 7: day 8
I was worried about my period cramps since I can’t take ibuprofen during this diet. Thankfully my cramps were very very mild! This was a surprise as I haven’t had a cramp free period in a long time – so long I can’t remember the last time. I wonder if this is related to the diet.

Slept perfectly last night and as usual, the day went by without itching. It is eleven pm right now and I am a bit itchy. Not much. More feeling allergy- itchy throat and nose- than itchy really. My elbow flexure is looking better and better.

July 8- day 9
I slept perfectly last night again! Woke up feeling refreshed and not that dry!

Through out the day I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in a while. I had a big mango smoothie and bacon. I’ll see how it will affect me. After dinner scratch is pretty mild even though I’m sitting in front of hot heater.

Silly me, bacon again made me really cranky and sad. And the mango smoothie (which is probably as concentrated of sugar intake I can get while on this diet) gave me a mild cramp. So I’ve learned sugar gives me horrible period cramps. Lesson learnt!

July 9- day 10
I didn’t sleep perfectly :( almost though. I only woke up once and scratch wasn’t that bad at all. I am shedding however currently. I mostly recovered from the big day I had yesterday. I was super productive – cooking cleaning hanging out etc.

After dinner scratch was mild!

July 10- day 11
I slept perfectly last night! I woke up, and was a bit itchy mainly in the face. But nowadays all the itchiness is surface level- once some of the shedding skin is off, I feel much better.

I went on a adventure walking down Melbourne’s famous Brunswick Street. Every restaurant I encountered, I read their menu in hopes I can find something I can eat, but alas, none for me. I did find great grocery places though.

For dinner I had noodles! It was 100% sweet potato starch so I figured it was ok. I used fish sauce to flavour it, which had some sugar in it. After dinner scratch was none existent and before I slept I had some itches, more than yesterday but nothing like the time I had Korean jellies. Yesterday and today I think I was technically in a flare – my elbow flexure and neck, mainly. It was redder and the skin felt fragile- like ooze was just a layer under. Thankfully I didn’t do too much damage.

July 11- day 12
Woke up feeling pretty good. My left side of face is shedding more





20140707-193830-70710176.jpg than my right haha I wonder why.

July 12- day 13
I updated a huge draft and it went all away!! Argh! Long story short, I had one of best skin days, in both looks and feel. It looked mildly moisturised by the night. I was a bit worried because we went to a Vietnamese place for lunch, and while we tried to stick to the diet, you never quite really know what’s in the sauces. We walked afterwards for almost two hours- in total we were out and about from 12- 5. It was a good day! I was also worried because I found dates and had most amount of unrefined sugar since I started this diet but thankfully I slept perfectly well!

July 13- day 14
I woke up feeling pretty good. Upon washing my face w water and rubbing a bit, it got a bit dry. I think I should only do this every other day or so.

Autoimmune Protocol & Detox juice – week 1

7/1: day two
Last night was rough. I eventually fell back asleep around seven and slept till noon. I woke up no longer itchy. I am rather flaky though.







So far, the diet isn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be! Yes, many things are restricted but many delicious things aren’t! I’m sure it helps I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and I really enjoy garlic and vegetables. I am amazed at the amount of flavour mere garlic, salt and pepper, and olive oil can bring out. For dinner, we had fish, cauliflower rice, garlic stir fried broccolini and mushroom – it was delicious! My husband read up on AIP and bought lots of fish, chicken liver and hearts of chicken and beef. Blerghs. Liver I’ll just be grinding into the no-mato chili I’ll be making… But Idk how he is going to make the heart be yummy.
All that to say I am very grateful to have a supportive partner who is an adventurous eater. He is the best!

7/2: day three
It is almost 6am. I actually slept pretty well last night. I was mildly itchy around 7/8pm. It wasn’t an itchy fit or anything. However, I woke up about twenty min from now because of an itch fit. It was less intense than yesterday. It’s mainly around my ears, front and side of neck, small spot in arm pits (about dime sized area on the apex of arm connection), elbow flexure and a bit of upper inner arm. I’ve noticed I get itchier when I try to hold my pee in- case in point, I just went to the bathroom and the itch subsided a lot.

On a positive note, my forearm and face looks better and better.






7/3: day four
Itch after dinner time was much less than the day before. Itch during sleep was less. It wasn’t a big difference, but there certainly is some.

I’ve noticed that even when I feel like I’m scratching fairly hard, to the point of having raw patches of skin, I am left with much smaller and less scary wounds.

I don’t feel very dry but I look rather dry on my face, scalp, and neck. I am also shedding and flaking all over the place.

For dinner I had chicken, bacon, spinach and olives. There wasn’t a perfectly clean bacon so I bought the least bad and I think my body didn’t like that. I was pretty immediately very sleepy and when I was woken up by my husband I was still very tired and cranky. I was also more itchy after dinner than yesterday, but slept really well. I only woke up once and was itchy for few seconds then went back to sleep. I think the ~50min walk in the cold did me good.

7/4: day five
Face, neck, and scalp are still dry, and flaky. However there were much less flakes on the bed since I slept really well. I was too tired to prep lat night so I’m going to have the detox juice later.

Upon researching, some people were complaining of lower stomach bloating and constipation. That’s me! :( They said it subsided about a week into it so I am hopeful. We shall see.

I washed my face with water and gently exfoliates dead skin. It stung a bit but afterwards it looked much better. But of course it didn’t last that long aha.

Today was one of the best days I’ve had since I started this diet! I was on the road for most of the day and there were multiple delays (train breaking down, standing in the cold for about 40min wout explanation, then train breaking again) which could have messed w my skin but nope! I am happy to report my after dinner itch was none existent. Now if only I can poo…. :(

7/5: day six
Success! I feel much less bloated now. Peppermint tea must be the way to go. Getting to sleep last night was a bit rough. I’m at my MIL’s house and the blankets were bothering me a bit. However, once I fell asleep, I slept great!

I visited my husband’s family today and I have fallen off the wagon. I’ve had some sugar and glutinous rice in forms of organic Korean chestnut jelly snacks. I’ll also later have a small bit of butter in cauliflower soup.

The whole day I was doing good actually. As usual, I wasn’t itch at all throughout the day. After dinner itch wasn’t bad either, though I seemed yo be especially flaky. I even managed to fall asleep fine. But! Here I am awake at 2:30am from intense itch fit. My neck, jawline and cheeks are inflamed.

Though unfortunate, this may be the kick I need to stay the course. I am also pmsing, which doesn’t help at all w my skin

7/6: day seven!
I eventually slept pretty well. I woke up feeling and looking better than expected. I scratched to feeling distressed so I was expecting oozes and lots of cuts, scabs etc.

For dinner I accidentally ate some lentil and tomato in a veggie soup. When I realised my mistake, I switched over to some bass, broccolini and green beans. For dessert I had blueberry and coconut flakes. After dinner itch wasn’t there but around 11-12 my face was more itchy. I slept perfectly though woot!

After a week of this diet I’m convinced it is helping it. It doesn’t necessarily ease up on itching, although I think it will, but my skin heals so much better on the diet. I’m hoping I’ll be seeing more improvements in the upcoming week.

This is how I woke next morning (7/7)