Autoimmune Protocol & Detox juice – week 1

7/1: day two
Last night was rough. I eventually fell back asleep around seven and slept till noon. I woke up no longer itchy. I am rather flaky though.







So far, the diet isn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be! Yes, many things are restricted but many delicious things aren’t! I’m sure it helps I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and I really enjoy garlic and vegetables. I am amazed at the amount of flavour mere garlic, salt and pepper, and olive oil can bring out. For dinner, we had fish, cauliflower rice, garlic stir fried broccolini and mushroom – it was delicious! My husband read up on AIP and bought lots of fish, chicken liver and hearts of chicken and beef. Blerghs. Liver I’ll just be grinding into the no-mato chili I’ll be making… But Idk how he is going to make the heart be yummy.
All that to say I am very grateful to have a supportive partner who is an adventurous eater. He is the best!

7/2: day three
It is almost 6am. I actually slept pretty well last night. I was mildly itchy around 7/8pm. It wasn’t an itchy fit or anything. However, I woke up about twenty min from now because of an itch fit. It was less intense than yesterday. It’s mainly around my ears, front and side of neck, small spot in arm pits (about dime sized area on the apex of arm connection), elbow flexure and a bit of upper inner arm. I’ve noticed I get itchier when I try to hold my pee in- case in point, I just went to the bathroom and the itch subsided a lot.

On a positive note, my forearm and face looks better and better.






7/3: day four
Itch after dinner time was much less than the day before. Itch during sleep was less. It wasn’t a big difference, but there certainly is some.

I’ve noticed that even when I feel like I’m scratching fairly hard, to the point of having raw patches of skin, I am left with much smaller and less scary wounds.

I don’t feel very dry but I look rather dry on my face, scalp, and neck. I am also shedding and flaking all over the place.

For dinner I had chicken, bacon, spinach and olives. There wasn’t a perfectly clean bacon so I bought the least bad and I think my body didn’t like that. I was pretty immediately very sleepy and when I was woken up by my husband I was still very tired and cranky. I was also more itchy after dinner than yesterday, but slept really well. I only woke up once and was itchy for few seconds then went back to sleep. I think the ~50min walk in the cold did me good.

7/4: day five
Face, neck, and scalp are still dry, and flaky. However there were much less flakes on the bed since I slept really well. I was too tired to prep lat night so I’m going to have the detox juice later.

Upon researching, some people were complaining of lower stomach bloating and constipation. That’s me! :( They said it subsided about a week into it so I am hopeful. We shall see.

I washed my face with water and gently exfoliates dead skin. It stung a bit but afterwards it looked much better. But of course it didn’t last that long aha.

Today was one of the best days I’ve had since I started this diet! I was on the road for most of the day and there were multiple delays (train breaking down, standing in the cold for about 40min wout explanation, then train breaking again) which could have messed w my skin but nope! I am happy to report my after dinner itch was none existent. Now if only I can poo…. :(

7/5: day six
Success! I feel much less bloated now. Peppermint tea must be the way to go. Getting to sleep last night was a bit rough. I’m at my MIL’s house and the blankets were bothering me a bit. However, once I fell asleep, I slept great!

I visited my husband’s family today and I have fallen off the wagon. I’ve had some sugar and glutinous rice in forms of organic Korean chestnut jelly snacks. I’ll also later have a small bit of butter in cauliflower soup.

The whole day I was doing good actually. As usual, I wasn’t itch at all throughout the day. After dinner itch wasn’t bad either, though I seemed yo be especially flaky. I even managed to fall asleep fine. But! Here I am awake at 2:30am from intense itch fit. My neck, jawline and cheeks are inflamed.

Though unfortunate, this may be the kick I need to stay the course. I am also pmsing, which doesn’t help at all w my skin

7/6: day seven!
I eventually slept pretty well. I woke up feeling and looking better than expected. I scratched to feeling distressed so I was expecting oozes and lots of cuts, scabs etc.

For dinner I accidentally ate some lentil and tomato in a veggie soup. When I realised my mistake, I switched over to some bass, broccolini and green beans. For dessert I had blueberry and coconut flakes. After dinner itch wasn’t there but around 11-12 my face was more itchy. I slept perfectly though woot!

After a week of this diet I’m convinced it is helping it. It doesn’t necessarily ease up on itching, although I think it will, but my skin heals so much better on the diet. I’m hoping I’ll be seeing more improvements in the upcoming week.

This is how I woke next morning (7/7)




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