Autoimmune protocol & detox juice – week 2

July 7: day 8
I was worried about my period cramps since I can’t take ibuprofen during this diet. Thankfully my cramps were very very mild! This was a surprise as I haven’t had a cramp free period in a long time – so long I can’t remember the last time. I wonder if this is related to the diet.

Slept perfectly last night and as usual, the day went by without itching. It is eleven pm right now and I am a bit itchy. Not much. More feeling allergy- itchy throat and nose- than itchy really. My elbow flexure is looking better and better.

July 8- day 9
I slept perfectly last night again! Woke up feeling refreshed and not that dry!

Through out the day I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in a while. I had a big mango smoothie and bacon. I’ll see how it will affect me. After dinner scratch is pretty mild even though I’m sitting in front of hot heater.

Silly me, bacon again made me really cranky and sad. And the mango smoothie (which is probably as concentrated of sugar intake I can get while on this diet) gave me a mild cramp. So I’ve learned sugar gives me horrible period cramps. Lesson learnt!

July 9- day 10
I didn’t sleep perfectly :( almost though. I only woke up once and scratch wasn’t that bad at all. I am shedding however currently. I mostly recovered from the big day I had yesterday. I was super productive – cooking cleaning hanging out etc.

After dinner scratch was mild!

July 10- day 11
I slept perfectly last night! I woke up, and was a bit itchy mainly in the face. But nowadays all the itchiness is surface level- once some of the shedding skin is off, I feel much better.

I went on a adventure walking down Melbourne’s famous Brunswick Street. Every restaurant I encountered, I read their menu in hopes I can find something I can eat, but alas, none for me. I did find great grocery places though.

For dinner I had noodles! It was 100% sweet potato starch so I figured it was ok. I used fish sauce to flavour it, which had some sugar in it. After dinner scratch was none existent and before I slept I had some itches, more than yesterday but nothing like the time I had Korean jellies. Yesterday and today I think I was technically in a flare – my elbow flexure and neck, mainly. It was redder and the skin felt fragile- like ooze was just a layer under. Thankfully I didn’t do too much damage.

July 11- day 12
Woke up feeling pretty good. My left side of face is shedding more





20140707-193830-70710176.jpg than my right haha I wonder why.

July 12- day 13
I updated a huge draft and it went all away!! Argh! Long story short, I had one of best skin days, in both looks and feel. It looked mildly moisturised by the night. I was a bit worried because we went to a Vietnamese place for lunch, and while we tried to stick to the diet, you never quite really know what’s in the sauces. We walked afterwards for almost two hours- in total we were out and about from 12- 5. It was a good day! I was also worried because I found dates and had most amount of unrefined sugar since I started this diet but thankfully I slept perfectly well!

July 13- day 14
I woke up feeling pretty good. Upon washing my face w water and rubbing a bit, it got a bit dry. I think I should only do this every other day or so.

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