Autoimmune protocol & detox juice – week 3

July 14- day fifteen
I slept really well. I’ve been sleeping pretty well recently. I had a bit of itchy face in the morning, which subsided in an hour or so. The itch isn’t intense – but since I don’t really get itchy during the day, any itch I have is really noticeable. For dinner I’ve had sesame seeds accidentally. After dinner I was ok – great mood actually because I went clothes shopping w my husband. We shall see how I do in the morning.

July 15- day 16
Slept really well! I have been extra tired though recently – I sleep well but my body just wants more sleep (1-2hrs more). I have been more active lately so maybe my body just needs to recover. Unfortunately I woke up and in an hour or so I was a bit itchy again. I really hope sesame seeds aren’t the culprit because I love them! Fortunately in an hour it subsided. Yesterday I was surrounded by cakes and I had an urge to introduce almonds faster just so I can eat some pastry type deals, but it seems that I really should be following the course. Full 30 day here I go!

July 17- day 18
I had the most delicious dinner – apple, onion and fennel smothered porkchop. But! I was extra itchy this night. The dinner was high in sugar – the chicken broth was reduced to thick and sticky syrup. Maybe that is why? Or I may just be flaring. But I ended up sleeping really well.

I took a shower and it wasn’t painful! Woot. But I was fairly dry and tight afterwards which was new. I know I’m flaky but I never feel tight lately. It too couple hours to recover then I felt better.

July 18- day 19
Had a minor flare – I was extra itchy before I went to sleep. I ate clean today so I’m wondering if it’s the celery. Apparently celery has large amount of sodium nitride. I ate lots of celery in my chicken soup. Or I may just be flaring.

July 19 – day 20
I had a really full day! Was out walking and exploring basically all day long. Even though I was dressed up and was wearing tights, I didn’t really have any trouble with itching. Woo!

For dinner, we went to a pub and had the most amazing roasted pork belly and kangaroo steak. It came with salads and the dressing I’m not entirely sure if it was 100% AIP complaint. Oops. It was SO GOOD THOUGH. I’ve been really lucky to find so many restaurant that is AIP (almost) compliant. Before sleeping I was flaring a bit but I fell asleep quickly enough and overall slept really well. I did wake up once and was itchy, but I woke up from needing to pee then the itch. I’m not oozy though so yay!

July 20- day 21
Three weeks hurray! I woke up kind of itchy but it subsided in time. Since I’m more itchy recently than I have been in the past I consider myself to be in a mini flare. Apparently my body was heating up last night but I didn’t feel like it was. My back was itchy which hasn’t happened since pretty much the beginning. It’s really mild though, thank goodness. As always in the morning my face was dry but it got better throughout the day. No oozing – skin on skin contact is comfortable.

The day was more relaxing. We did housework and went out for dinner and movie. I ate so much carbs today- baked/fried sweet potato starch and one and half of banana with about teaspoon or two of honey. Haha I guess it’s not that much to most people but considering my diet recently, it’s verging on gorging haha. Thankfully it’s almost ten pm right now and I’m feeling good! The cold air always seem to help.

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