Autoimmune protocol and detox juice – week 4

July 21- day 22
Slept so well! I’ve been getting such nice sleep :D love it!

TMI warning- I talk about my bowl movement:

I’ve noticed that pooping is different. Before most time I had to poo it was a emergency. And the poo was usually runny/diarrhea like. Since starting and getting settled in my diet- so about week two onwards- the signal is almost too minute. I think I had emergency runny poo once or twice, maximum. I should’ve written down what I had. Darn. I go at least once every two days, usually once a day. If I skip a day, there is a lot more the next day so it all balances out. And I poo well – if you look at poop hardness chart, I’m on the optimal hardness. I feel relieved and free.

All that aside, I am really satisfied with this diet. Now that I have settled in, I don’t really have any cravings, although I do get munchies. At night, I just want to eat and eat then eat some more. It’s weird. I feel like I am eating so damn much but I’m not gaining any weight. Well I’m complaining haha. Minimal itch, woke up a bit dry on face, but by night it looks moisturised.

July 22- day 23
The past week or so I’ve been having a dramatic increase in energy. I sleep very well and a lot- usually 8-9 hrs a day- and when I wake up, I am energised, ready to take on the day.

I made AIP friendly beef schnitzel for dinner and it was delicious! As for skin, there is minute improvement. Very mild itching if any, face and scalp dry upon waking up but settles down eventually. And I’m not even complaining about dry skin as it’s not tight or anything. Haven’t had painful burning skin in a long time. If I do scratch, wounds heal right away.


The rest of the week (sorry I got busy and lazy :p)
My skin continues to do very well. Sorry for lack of pictures- my phone is bad so I have to use my husbands and it’s annoying. This from wed onward though, my digestive system waged a war on me. I was diarrhea all over the place. On Friday, I decided maybe I’ll try an aioli to start introducing egg yolk. Big mistake. I pooped everything that is within me and felt nauseous few hours later. That night, I definitely didn’t sleep as well as I had been.

Then Saturday I didn’t eat much to give my system a rest then had an egg omelette around 5pm. I was careful to chew really well and drink water. My stomach was fine but again, that night, I didn’t sleep as well as I had been. I was up here and there scratching. I think maybe I’ll give eggs a break and move on to mustard for now. What a shame! I love eggs :( That said, my skin still looks pretty good!

Sunday- Stomach finally settled down for good, I think. Still had extra itchier at night time, I’m assuming carryover from eggs. I held back today and only ate “safe” food.

Monday – whole month down! I would say the experiment was a success! Even with mild flare from the eggs, I look and feel much better! I think the diet definitely helped- I don’t know how I went without all the nutrition I get nowadays. Excited to reintroduce food, but honestly, after a month, diet really isn’t that hard anymore. You get creative and I still get to eat delicious food!




7/21 (I had fries and ice cream yesterday but doesn’t seem to affect my skin too much)



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