Month 11 update

Woah! Only one more month till I hit my one year mark! Crazy!

I am continuing on my autoimmune protocol diet and with my detox juice, although last two days I didn’t drink my juice- I forgot to make a batch. If anybody wants to attempt this diet, planning is key!

I am dry on my face and neck when I wake up, although few hours into it, I don’t look too flaky anymore. I may be extra harsh on my skin though since my husband says my skin has been looking good. You tell me who is biased after the photo haha. Unfortunately I’ve been mini flaring the last two days so I’m looking worse for the wear. Thankfully, even during the flare, sleeping has been fairly easy. I take a bit longer to go to sleep – like 10-15 min longer but I still sleep really well. Huzzah!

My most affected areas are face, neck, and scalp. Rest are pretty good. I have scabs here and there but the overall moisture of the skin is looking good. My arms, chest and back are pretty moisturised. My elbow flexure sometimes gets itchy and it oozes but it scabs up right away and heals fast.

As mentioned in my AIP diet updates, I am pretty much itch free till night time – and even then, unless I’m flaring, the itch is pretty minimal. If my face and neck stop itching and gains back their moisture, I would feel comfortable leading a normal life – and ultimately claim to be healed if that persists.

My energy level has been great! I’ve been really active – yesterday I was out from 12-6 then 7-10:30. I’ve been exercising but sweating still makes me irritated so I’ve been avoiding that. Still wake up sore everyday though.



I’ve been mini flaring as I begin to reintroduce foods back into my diet. I was naughty yesterday and skipped straight to fries (merp/oops). My stomach hurt a bit but I don’t think my skin was affected too much. I did have a harder time sleeping though- not itchy, just not sleepy. I also had couple spoonful of ice cream. It was delicious.

Only consistently affected parts are face, neck, scalp, and arms. As you can see, I don’t have the red sleeve anymore. To be honest I don’t even remember when it went away :p I felt my healing has been very stagnant, but upon looking back, they’ve even doing better and better!










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