Month 13 update

Silly me.

I decided ah wtf I’ve been bad with my diet and while my skin has been getting steadily worse, it didn’t completely freak out on me, let’s just enjoy this souvlaki with bread. The gluten full kind.


I had deep itch return all over my body. Nothing as bad as beginning and nothing strong Tulsi tea didn’t get rid of. Then I woke up and my face and neck was super dry and flaky. Worst I’ve seen in months! Then being the stupid girl I am I did it again that night, complete w msg and high sodium. It was very delicious, but the next morning I suffered the same results. I stopped for a day and I’m better! Coincidence? I think not, especially because I had night shades and dairy yesterday. I think dairy with nightshades gives me acid reflux and nausea but that’s whole another thing.

I’m back in LA now, and off gluten for few days and my skin return back to normal. It seems as long as I’m off gluten strictly, and very minimal nightshades and dairy, I’m good to go skin wise. It doesn’t look 100% normal, but I’m sure moisturizing will help with the appearance. Three months ago, I went on the plane to Melbourne semi-terrified for my skin. Now, I went on the plane ride without any worry! Success! While the trip did dry me out and I flaked it off the following day, I feel great! Skin is a non issue for me (living wise) and I’m excited to start my life again. While I look forward to the day the skin will look completely normal, for now I am so grateful I’ve healed enough to go back to normal life.

I’ve become a big believer in power of food. It can destroy, but it also can build you up and breath new life into seemingly hopeless situation. This journey have taught me so much about myself and who I would like to become. More specifically, I realized what kind of doctors are sorely needed in this world, and I’d ultimately like to fulfill that gap.

If you are only just starting topical steroid withdrawal, welcome to the community, and best of luck to you. While some heal without any dietary changes, I believe for others it is crucial for their recovery. Consume highly nutritious foods, and they will help you. While flares are inevitable, I believe diet changes can help avoid the flares caused by irritating food. As everyone is built differently, I do not want to make a blanket statement, but I’m sure we can all agree cutting it processed food can only do you good. It’s up to you to figure out how intense you want to be with your diet – I definitely understand how emotionally healing a slice of pizza or cone of ice cream can be. Hell, when I first started my autoimmune paleo protocol, I uttered word for word, “but food is my only source of happiness!” However, once I was two weeks into it, I realized not only have I found other sources of happiness, I was able to find happiness from these healing, delicious food as well. It takes more creativity, but once you’re into it, is really not that bad. The greatest reward for me is seeing myself heal and realizing I am unlocking the key to my optimal health.

Pictures will surely follow, my phone is dead and so is my cord. As I start school again, I’ll become pretty busy, but I’ll try to update every month! Have hope and I wish you strength TSW warriors.

12 thoughts on “Month 13 update

  1. Hey Esther,
    I feel the same way about diet and TSW! Even though some haven’t found diet to effectively manage their symptoms, for me (and you) it makes all the difference. Hope you’re doing good! Hang in there (:


  2. Hi Esther! I’m a strong believer in adopting a healthy diet… our bodies need that nutrient dense goodness to properly function and give energy to heal up. Good to see that you rule out what irritates your body and you make the adjustments accordingly :) I know I would LOOOOOVE me some bread sometimes, alcohol too, but I know that over indulging would just leave me miserable the next day.

    • Yes definitely! Have you heard of autoimmue protocol? If you google Paleo Mom, there is a lot of information for getting as nuttrient rich food into our system as possible. I think we def need to start looking at food as fuel for our body more.

      I hope you are doing better!!

  3. Hey buddy. I am a bit bummed. I’m in my third year (never really knew which ‘month’) and have been flaring all October, big time. Like… no showering/insomnia/dust pan of skin/depression/yeasty smell type flare. Haven’t had one of those, for this long, since 2012.

    Doing my best to live gratefully and gracefully.

    Just wanted to reach out. XO

    • omg did you comment on juliana’s post? because I swear i just saw someone talk about october flair and her saying something about seasonal flare… sounds familiar? That sucks that you are going through this so late in the game!
      if it was you, I agree with juliana, that maybe it isn’t tsw anymore, its something else? just a little thought.

      I have been doing well, still not 100% but recovering. three days ago I started to flare. it was mild considering and now it is starting to scab and flake away. thank goodness. I hope you feel better soon!! I think once november starts, ill be starting no grains diet again.

  4. Hi Esther,
    Happy new year! Am reading your old posts and found in this post a picture of your legs looking v much like mine. Wondering if u know whether these black spots will go away? What are they caused by?nThanks in advance for help!!!

    • When I went through tsw the first time I went to the derm concerned w the spots as well. He told me they were discoloration for the most part and that they will go away in time. I’m not sire the exact circumstances that causes them since I have them most on legs when legs were least hit w tsw, but think of it as like an almost scar. So bleeding scratching scabbing is what contributes to it

  5. Ohhhhh…… phew….. at least they are not permanent…… hopefully they disappear from our legs soon!!!! Thanks so much for replying!!!! Really appreciate! !! Stay strong Esther!!!

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