Month 14 and 15 update

I hope everyone is doing well. I feel like I have finally moved on with my life. Doing school, taking too many units, all right up my alley. That said, skin isn’t at 100% yet and I am sorry to say I am on my third flare. It’s definitely not as bad as first two times. Weather have turned very dry here as of 11/1 which is definitely not helping. My legs have started to act up, and I have a bit of wound in back of my leg which is painful. However, as usual, I get plenty of sleep all the time (~8hrs)

Unfortunately the flare started from 10/20. Itchy nights and a bit of oozing. Thankfully, by 10/23 it’s settled down. I’m no longer itchy but am flaking a bit more as I usually do when I recover from a flare.

However, on 10/29 I had,to go to the ER for severe abdominal pain, and my skin usually follows suit when other parts aren’t doing well. Then the weather turned dry and I’ve been inflamed and itchy. My face, scalp, neck, back of my knees and elbow flexure are the affected areas.

I’ve been shedding more and my neck sometimes gets oozy, which everyone knows it’s the worst. That said, I am not super itchy, and the skin itself is still pretty strong. I am still not using any moisturizer, and on good days you can’t even tell that I am not.

Since 11/3, I’ve started eating no dairy and gluten again. We shall see if it helps! Despite the flare, I’ve been leading a basically normal life, but I’m really hoping the flare will subside soon!









Above were all taken 11/9


Some photos from month 14, when I was doing better.


So as you can see, my face alternates from looking mostly normal to dry and irritated.

That is it for now, sorry about the delay! Stay strong everybody, and always, if you have any questions, let me know.


10 thoughts on “Month 14 and 15 update

  1. I really admire your positive attitude, dude. For this flare, I feel like that’s been a bit of a struggle for me. Like… being on the other side of the Promise Land and having awesome skin and then back to the redness is………. urgh. I’m trying.

    Does your face ever flush at all with TSW? That’s one of my hallmarks, and it is so uncomfortable! It’s like when Asians drink, except I am an Asian and this is precisely why I stopped drinking.

    • Haha it’s hard and I definitely have my depressed moments! I don’t know about flush exactly since I don’t get red but I have noticed that sometimes after I,scratch my face I look in the mirror and there is finger imprints. Like where I scratched is white and rest is redder in comparison. So maybe that was all just a long way to say yes I think

  2. Ohmygoodness, Baby! I am SO sorry, but listen to you! You have the best attitude and just are so amazing! :O *hugs you good* You are an inspiration to ME, and even though I don’t have this issue, I appreciate you so much. God is using you, and you are allowing Him to! You are made of win and awesome! ♥♥

    Lotsa love to you! :) *more hugs*

    • You are always the sweetest! Thanks so much for all the love you show ne all the time! You have been such a blessing in my life! And you know r
      Urs, you’ve known me longer than most people in my life have! Ain’t that special :) <3

  3. Hi I’m from Aus too. :) nice to see a fellow ozzie tsw!
    Its nice that you’re moving on with life. Despite the flares I think that’s a sure sign tsw is on its way out. What do you define as a flare? Seems weird this is only your third if you’ve been off TS so long. My blog is
    See ya around

    • Hello! I’m actually Korean American but my husband is Australian! Regardless, so I’m almost Australian ha ha. Well I have had some form of breaks And I count flares as when I am not on a break and my skin is itchier redder and drier than normal. So while I am on my third flare, for me each flares last few months at a time. Thankfully I would say the intensity lessened with each flare.

      How long has it been for you?

  4. I’m a black, I do have rashes around my face, neck & chest, & I’m becoming light on d face & chest. I’m afriad, what wrong with me…

    • Discoloration can be both darkening and lightening of skin. Chances are nothing is specifically wrong w you. You just have to ride it out. How long has it been for you?

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