17 month update: DIET MATTERS!

Hello everybody!

I am very well! Haven’t had a flare in a while. I just had a 28hr flight and while skin dried out a bit nothing happened that doesn’t happens to normal people. Considering I don’t even use moisturizers, my skin did fantastic.

That said, the past month or so I have been very bad about my diet. I am allergic to chocolate and shrimp. I also seem to be intolerant to gluten and lactose. Alcohol is just bad for everybody. I have been having all of the above and my skin is the worst it has been today than it has been for months! I broke out into hives that are mildly itchy. While annoying, I am not worried. I guess it’s annoying that I know my skin will continue to be sensitive, but I am also very relieved that I know what triggers my skin.

I have also been feeling sick and my period is about to start which negatively affects my skin as well. Honestly though, considering how I used to be, I’m not complaining! I am cautiously thinking what I have is no longer topical steroid withdrawal but just eczema. The hives are all located in the usual areas I had eczema as a child.

While for some diet does not affect their skin, it clearly affects mine. If you have been going through topical steroid withdrawal for a long time and still are struggling, I highly recommend you look at your diet.

1-26-15 (worst in months! No moisturizer used)





1-23-15 (before departing for 28hr flight)





2 thoughts on “17 month update: DIET MATTERS!

  1. Great post!

    Ugh, my period affects my skin too! Right before I get it my skin breaks out a little (it’s thankfully becoming less and less) and I have night sweats like 2 nights before I get it! Does that happen to you?!

    I totally agree that diet effects the skin. I think it effects the skin in folks with “normal” skin too… not enough hydrating foods will dry out the skin, too much acidic foods lower the ph in the body and the skin etc. I try to keep my skin hydrated with lots of veggies and fruits & healthy fats (avocados, hemp, coconut and flax oil), I eat a vegan diet and this has helped me a lot! My digestion thanks me and so does my skin :)

    Take Care,

  2. Diet really does matter! You are so right! I relapsed because I didn’t watch what I was eating and got carried away. Thank you for sharing!!!

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