Month 22.5 update!

I’m not sure what happened but this post got completely erased the first time around… so here we go again!

Since I am updating this on July 6th, I can talk about the plane ride as well.

Unfortunately, my skin underwent a minor flare for threeish weeks. or two. something like that. And since about two/three weeks ago, it’s been on recovering mode. The flare itself was pretty minor – I’ve been itchy, no oozing, sleep is fine, energy level were fine. Humidity, sweat and heat are enemies of my skin, and unfortunately, the weather is becoming increasingly humid and hot. For shame! But skin is continuing to recover. I’ve been attempting to be good about my diet again, since when I was at LA, I went a bit crazy with gluten and lactose consumption. To balance out, I’ve also drank lots of green juice. So far, skin seems to be doing ok.

The flight over was drying, but it was manageable. I lucked out and manage to have the entire row of seats to myself, so I slept for good 10 hours of the trip. That was wonderful. I am at a stage where I am beginning to think moisturizer will do more good than harm, when applied judiciously. I have a much better understanding of my skin, and a such, I can tell when my skin is dry, and need moisturizer, and when the skin is flaring.

Attached are few photos. Hope everybody is doing well!





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