Almost 36month!


I am so sorry Ive been gone so long. Honestly, I am not busy at all, just lazy haha. My skin is still doing well. It is kind of allergic to the sun, and its very sunny here, so sometimes I get minor rahes. Its not even itchy so I don’t mind. Body is still moisturizer free 99.99% of time (I cant remember the last time but Im sure it has happened) face I sometimes use moisturizer if I wash my face with face wash. Usually it’s water and leave alone method for me. Diet is still gf, lf, try to stay away from sugar.

Just a quick update to let you guys know how I am doing. Here are some photos from life. Remember, pics or it didn’t happen :D But really, I would be wary of claims of people being healed if there are no photos to back it up.





Times square is best 7 in the morning lulz.


Before I started juice cleanse…. i will post more about it, but the tl;dr is NotWorthIt!!!

That’s it for now! Long update coming for 3 yr mark! Crossing my fingers the anniversary flare doesnt happen! I hope you are feeling better.

3 thoughts on “Almost 36month!

  1. Thanks a lot for the update, Esther… I’m only 9 months in but I’m the same as a lot of tsw people: wondering what happened to those who healed! So your updates are much appreciated, especially seeing you living a very normal life :)

    • Of course! I’m hoping I will disciplined enough to continue the updates as long term updates are really rare; and when I was going through the worst of it, those were the ones that helped the most. How are you doing Sabine?

      • I’m fine, almost 11 months in, and living a more normal life now, which I thought would never happen again… but I still have flares like once every 10 days or so… TSW is so weird in this way, you tend to forget so quickly how bad it was! I remember some months ago, I was reading your blog and thought that I would be the one who would never get better. Thanks a lot :)

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