3 years 2 months


Sorry about the long absence. Life happens, and I got lazy.

Short news is I’m doing great! Life is awesome. Skin is wonderful, as it have been for a while. I am still gluten free and lactose free, although I’ve been eating a lot of cheese lately.


Long news to come, with pictures, when my phone stops being stupid and lets me update from it.

I hope you are doing okay. <3


4 thoughts on “3 years 2 months

  1. I am sorry to bother you. I know you have been better for a while. I am 3 months in. Have similar usage as you. My symptoms aren’t as severe but wanted to ask after how many months were the improvements significant? I only seem to have a few better days between flares and am struggling to decide if this is worth it or I should go back to using creams.

    • Hi Danielle!

      Absolutely no need to be sorry! I had multiple ups and downs so I’m not able to remember all the dates – however, they are all shown on the blog, including pictures, so please take time to look through the blog if you are curious. The first 3-4 mo was def the roughest time. I started school again about about a year, and I generally say I was at 80-90% from 2 years and 100% from 2.5 year. Hope that helps!

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