3 yr 8 month


First off, I AM SO SORRY! I have become one of those Topical Steroid Withdrawal bloggers who got better and fell off the surface of the blog. I really didn’t mean to, but life got in the way and my phone is still broken.

My life has been very eventful, but my skin hasn’t been. I have some dryness here and there, but nothing that would be considered out of ordinary with “normal-skinned” people. It’s dry when I first come out of the (admittedly very long and pretty hot) shower, but it goes away in time without mositurizer. My friends still tell me my skin looks amazing, so there’s that. I will prove it to you with pics when my phone arrives.

I hope you are well, and know that it gets better.


Almost 26 month update


It’s been so so long. I’m sorry. I am in Korea and have gotten lazy at updating my blog. I told myself that I wouldn’t, as continuously updated blog after “healing,etc,or break or whatever” is such a valuable asset to the community… but alas, I have fallen behind.

My skin stagnated for few month from 23 or 23.5 or so to 25. It was hot and humid in Korea, and my skin hates it. It was minor enough – I was still fully functional, but my arm crease and neck were visibly irritated.

Starting from couple weeks ago, my skin started to clear up rapidly, then I started another flare two? days ago or so. Thankfully, I seem to already be in the drying out phase. Unlike LA, Korea has very distinct seasons, and as the weather is transitioning to dry and cold, my skin seems to be in the adjusting period.

That is the quick update – I am still alive, skin is doing well, although it can still be better. Pictures will come soon, I promise!!

Hope your TSW journey is going well. <3

16 month update

Can’t believe that it’s already been 16 months! 2014 has been an incredible year filled with lots of ups and downs.

I’m doing well. Skin has finally seem to be very resistant- meaning stress, lifestyle change, or food choices don’t seem to affect it’s health. I just had my finals week and as a result sleep and food wasn’t too good but my skin persevered.

Above picture is after a warm shower. I am still doing moisturizer withdrawal since my skin doesn’t seem to need it. I get itchy here and there but nothing too disconcerting. Skin is very strong and most of the time it’s not even in my radar.

I’ll be going back to the sulfur spring since it seemed to help my skin. Again, if you feel you’ve hit a plateau in your healing I highly recommend the sulfur hot springs. I still have discoloration all over my body but I’m sure they will go away in time.

Life is good. I’ll be praying and hoping all of the tsw warriors reach this stage sooner rather than later. Stay strong everybody <3