Month 13 update

Silly me.

I decided ah wtf I’ve been bad with my diet and while my skin has been getting steadily worse, it didn’t completely freak out on me, let’s just enjoy this souvlaki with bread. The gluten full kind.


I had deep itch return all over my body. Nothing as bad as beginning and nothing strong Tulsi tea didn’t get rid of. Then I woke up and my face and neck was super dry and flaky. Worst I’ve seen in months! Then being the stupid girl I am I did it again that night, complete w msg and high sodium. It was very delicious, but the next morning I suffered the same results. I stopped for a day and I’m better! Coincidence? I think not, especially because I had night shades and dairy yesterday. I think dairy with nightshades gives me acid reflux and nausea but that’s whole another thing.

I’m back in LA now, and off gluten for few days and my skin return back to normal. It seems as long as I’m off gluten strictly, and very minimal nightshades and dairy, I’m good to go skin wise. It doesn’t look 100% normal, but I’m sure moisturizing will help with the appearance. Three months ago, I went on the plane to Melbourne semi-terrified for my skin. Now, I went on the plane ride without any worry! Success! While the trip did dry me out and I flaked it off the following day, I feel great! Skin is a non issue for me (living wise) and I’m excited to start my life again. While I look forward to the day the skin will look completely normal, for now I am so grateful I’ve healed enough to go back to normal life.

I’ve become a big believer in power of food. It can destroy, but it also can build you up and breath new life into seemingly hopeless situation. This journey have taught me so much about myself and who I would like to become. More specifically, I realized what kind of doctors are sorely needed in this world, and I’d ultimately like to fulfill that gap.

If you are only just starting topical steroid withdrawal, welcome to the community, and best of luck to you. While some heal without any dietary changes, I believe for others it is crucial for their recovery. Consume highly nutritious foods, and they will help you. While flares are inevitable, I believe diet changes can help avoid the flares caused by irritating food. As everyone is built differently, I do not want to make a blanket statement, but I’m sure we can all agree cutting it processed food can only do you good. It’s up to you to figure out how intense you want to be with your diet – I definitely understand how emotionally healing a slice of pizza or cone of ice cream can be. Hell, when I first started my autoimmune paleo protocol, I uttered word for word, “but food is my only source of happiness!” However, once I was two weeks into it, I realized not only have I found other sources of happiness, I was able to find happiness from these healing, delicious food as well. It takes more creativity, but once you’re into it, is really not that bad. The greatest reward for me is seeing myself heal and realizing I am unlocking the key to my optimal health.

Pictures will surely follow, my phone is dead and so is my cord. As I start school again, I’ll become pretty busy, but I’ll try to update every month! Have hope and I wish you strength TSW warriors.

I’m still alive!

Hello everybody! 

I have been meaning to post 1 year anniversary post as well as other posts but I’ve been too lazy/enjoying my last month in Melbourne. My skin has been ok. At one year mark (8/19/14) it was doing better than it is doing now. I must be in an “anniversary flare.” I also have been eating out a lot which means I wasn’t strictly following the Autoimmune Protocol diet. Oh well. It also coincided with my period, so I guess it’s bad timing! The skin has been worse than it has been in the past couple month, but it’s still very much manageable. I still sleep really well. I am more itchy in the arm, face, neck and scalp, which is unfortunate, but still, pretty manageable. 

Photos galore coming soon, I promise! I hope everybody is doing well!

Autoimmune protocol and detox juice – week 4

July 21- day 22
Slept so well! I’ve been getting such nice sleep :D love it!

TMI warning- I talk about my bowl movement:

I’ve noticed that pooping is different. Before most time I had to poo it was a emergency. And the poo was usually runny/diarrhea like. Since starting and getting settled in my diet- so about week two onwards- the signal is almost too minute. I think I had emergency runny poo once or twice, maximum. I should’ve written down what I had. Darn. I go at least once every two days, usually once a day. If I skip a day, there is a lot more the next day so it all balances out. And I poo well – if you look at poop hardness chart, I’m on the optimal hardness. I feel relieved and free.

All that aside, I am really satisfied with this diet. Now that I have settled in, I don’t really have any cravings, although I do get munchies. At night, I just want to eat and eat then eat some more. It’s weird. I feel like I am eating so damn much but I’m not gaining any weight. Well I’m complaining haha. Minimal itch, woke up a bit dry on face, but by night it looks moisturised.

July 22- day 23
The past week or so I’ve been having a dramatic increase in energy. I sleep very well and a lot- usually 8-9 hrs a day- and when I wake up, I am energised, ready to take on the day.

I made AIP friendly beef schnitzel for dinner and it was delicious! As for skin, there is minute improvement. Very mild itching if any, face and scalp dry upon waking up but settles down eventually. And I’m not even complaining about dry skin as it’s not tight or anything. Haven’t had painful burning skin in a long time. If I do scratch, wounds heal right away.


The rest of the week (sorry I got busy and lazy :p)
My skin continues to do very well. Sorry for lack of pictures- my phone is bad so I have to use my husbands and it’s annoying. This from wed onward though, my digestive system waged a war on me. I was diarrhea all over the place. On Friday, I decided maybe I’ll try an aioli to start introducing egg yolk. Big mistake. I pooped everything that is within me and felt nauseous few hours later. That night, I definitely didn’t sleep as well as I had been.

Then Saturday I didn’t eat much to give my system a rest then had an egg omelette around 5pm. I was careful to chew really well and drink water. My stomach was fine but again, that night, I didn’t sleep as well as I had been. I was up here and there scratching. I think maybe I’ll give eggs a break and move on to mustard for now. What a shame! I love eggs :( That said, my skin still looks pretty good!

Sunday- Stomach finally settled down for good, I think. Still had extra itchier at night time, I’m assuming carryover from eggs. I held back today and only ate “safe” food.

Monday – whole month down! I would say the experiment was a success! Even with mild flare from the eggs, I look and feel much better! I think the diet definitely helped- I don’t know how I went without all the nutrition I get nowadays. Excited to reintroduce food, but honestly, after a month, diet really isn’t that hard anymore. You get creative and I still get to eat delicious food!




7/21 (I had fries and ice cream yesterday but doesn’t seem to affect my skin too much)



Month 11 update

Woah! Only one more month till I hit my one year mark! Crazy!

I am continuing on my autoimmune protocol diet and with my detox juice, although last two days I didn’t drink my juice- I forgot to make a batch. If anybody wants to attempt this diet, planning is key!

I am dry on my face and neck when I wake up, although few hours into it, I don’t look too flaky anymore. I may be extra harsh on my skin though since my husband says my skin has been looking good. You tell me who is biased after the photo haha. Unfortunately I’ve been mini flaring the last two days so I’m looking worse for the wear. Thankfully, even during the flare, sleeping has been fairly easy. I take a bit longer to go to sleep – like 10-15 min longer but I still sleep really well. Huzzah!

My most affected areas are face, neck, and scalp. Rest are pretty good. I have scabs here and there but the overall moisture of the skin is looking good. My arms, chest and back are pretty moisturised. My elbow flexure sometimes gets itchy and it oozes but it scabs up right away and heals fast.

As mentioned in my AIP diet updates, I am pretty much itch free till night time – and even then, unless I’m flaring, the itch is pretty minimal. If my face and neck stop itching and gains back their moisture, I would feel comfortable leading a normal life – and ultimately claim to be healed if that persists.

My energy level has been great! I’ve been really active – yesterday I was out from 12-6 then 7-10:30. I’ve been exercising but sweating still makes me irritated so I’ve been avoiding that. Still wake up sore everyday though.



I’ve been mini flaring as I begin to reintroduce foods back into my diet. I was naughty yesterday and skipped straight to fries (merp/oops). My stomach hurt a bit but I don’t think my skin was affected too much. I did have a harder time sleeping though- not itchy, just not sleepy. I also had couple spoonful of ice cream. It was delicious.

Only consistently affected parts are face, neck, scalp, and arms. As you can see, I don’t have the red sleeve anymore. To be honest I don’t even remember when it went away :p I felt my healing has been very stagnant, but upon looking back, they’ve even doing better and better!










Autoimmune protocol & detox juice – week 3

July 14- day fifteen
I slept really well. I’ve been sleeping pretty well recently. I had a bit of itchy face in the morning, which subsided in an hour or so. The itch isn’t intense – but since I don’t really get itchy during the day, any itch I have is really noticeable. For dinner I’ve had sesame seeds accidentally. After dinner I was ok – great mood actually because I went clothes shopping w my husband. We shall see how I do in the morning.

July 15- day 16
Slept really well! I have been extra tired though recently – I sleep well but my body just wants more sleep (1-2hrs more). I have been more active lately so maybe my body just needs to recover. Unfortunately I woke up and in an hour or so I was a bit itchy again. I really hope sesame seeds aren’t the culprit because I love them! Fortunately in an hour it subsided. Yesterday I was surrounded by cakes and I had an urge to introduce almonds faster just so I can eat some pastry type deals, but it seems that I really should be following the course. Full 30 day here I go!

July 17- day 18
I had the most delicious dinner – apple, onion and fennel smothered porkchop. But! I was extra itchy this night. The dinner was high in sugar – the chicken broth was reduced to thick and sticky syrup. Maybe that is why? Or I may just be flaring. But I ended up sleeping really well.

I took a shower and it wasn’t painful! Woot. But I was fairly dry and tight afterwards which was new. I know I’m flaky but I never feel tight lately. It too couple hours to recover then I felt better.

July 18- day 19
Had a minor flare – I was extra itchy before I went to sleep. I ate clean today so I’m wondering if it’s the celery. Apparently celery has large amount of sodium nitride. I ate lots of celery in my chicken soup. Or I may just be flaring.

July 19 – day 20
I had a really full day! Was out walking and exploring basically all day long. Even though I was dressed up and was wearing tights, I didn’t really have any trouble with itching. Woo!

For dinner, we went to a pub and had the most amazing roasted pork belly and kangaroo steak. It came with salads and the dressing I’m not entirely sure if it was 100% AIP complaint. Oops. It was SO GOOD THOUGH. I’ve been really lucky to find so many restaurant that is AIP (almost) compliant. Before sleeping I was flaring a bit but I fell asleep quickly enough and overall slept really well. I did wake up once and was itchy, but I woke up from needing to pee then the itch. I’m not oozy though so yay!

July 20- day 21
Three weeks hurray! I woke up kind of itchy but it subsided in time. Since I’m more itchy recently than I have been in the past I consider myself to be in a mini flare. Apparently my body was heating up last night but I didn’t feel like it was. My back was itchy which hasn’t happened since pretty much the beginning. It’s really mild though, thank goodness. As always in the morning my face was dry but it got better throughout the day. No oozing – skin on skin contact is comfortable.

The day was more relaxing. We did housework and went out for dinner and movie. I ate so much carbs today- baked/fried sweet potato starch and one and half of banana with about teaspoon or two of honey. Haha I guess it’s not that much to most people but considering my diet recently, it’s verging on gorging haha. Thankfully it’s almost ten pm right now and I’m feeling good! The cold air always seem to help.

Starting Autoimmune Protocol Diet & Detox “juice”

I was initially going to start this diet on July 1st, but the husband thought we may as start at June 30th, seeing as: 1. It’s the start of the week; 2. We’ve eaten enough (very delicious) crap to last us a while.

I woke up feeling a tad bit dry (what else is new), but overall ok. My skin was a fairly normal shade, as usual. Lately I can clearly discern when I’m flaring as I turn red in flaring spots.

Yesterday we attempted to go shopping for all the things we’d need this week, but it was clear from today that we need more veggies. Today’s meal consisted mainly of the huge chicken and veggie roast we made last night. It was so good even though all the seasoning we used was salt and pepper.

I made some bone broth which will hopefully last us the week. If my mom can see all the food I’m making, she’d be so proud and amazed. :D


I’ve also started to drink Detox “juice”. It’s been famous in Korea for some time now. You first boil broccoli, tomato, carrots and lettuce. Then you take the water of these boiled substances, and the veggies, and blend it with an apple and banana. To my surprise, it tastes pretty good! Since nightshades are not allowed on the AIP, I didn’t use any tomato.


The doctor who advocates this drink warns that we may get worse before we get better as body starts to detox. Well, I certainly got worse. Starting from about 6/7pm I started to get very itchy. I was flaring in various spots and now at 3am I’m oozing a little on my neck, jawline, left armpit and right elbow flexure.

I shall keep you updated on how I do. This should be an interesting month.