Starting Autoimmune Protocol Diet & Detox “juice”

I was initially going to start this diet on July 1st, but the husband thought we may as start at June 30th, seeing as: 1. It’s the start of the week; 2. We’ve eaten enough (very delicious) crap to last us a while.

I woke up feeling a tad bit dry (what else is new), but overall ok. My skin was a fairly normal shade, as usual. Lately I can clearly discern when I’m flaring as I turn red in flaring spots.

Yesterday we attempted to go shopping for all the things we’d need this week, but it was clear from today that we need more veggies. Today’s meal consisted mainly of the huge chicken and veggie roast we made last night. It was so good even though all the seasoning we used was salt and pepper.

I made some bone broth which will hopefully last us the week. If my mom can see all the food I’m making, she’d be so proud and amazed. :D


I’ve also started to drink Detox “juice”. It’s been famous in Korea for some time now. You first boil broccoli, tomato, carrots and lettuce. Then you take the water of these boiled substances, and the veggies, and blend it with an apple and banana. To my surprise, it tastes pretty good! Since nightshades are not allowed on the AIP, I didn’t use any tomato.


The doctor who advocates this drink warns that we may get worse before we get better as body starts to detox. Well, I certainly got worse. Starting from about 6/7pm I started to get very itchy. I was flaring in various spots and now at 3am I’m oozing a little on my neck, jawline, left armpit and right elbow flexure.

I shall keep you updated on how I do. This should be an interesting month.