Month 9 update

5/20 I’m well into my second flare. Lots of scaly and scabby patches, some burning from the raw skin after itch sesh. Looking back on my photos and description, I think I’m similar to how I was month five. More incessant itch, oil where not affected, no real oozing, skin integrity is ok, no real red skin. My face is pretty dry, so is my neck, but the itchiest spots are behind my knees, arm pits, and inner elbow (aka spots I always had most problems with eczema). My legs in general is a mess though, as you will see. But still, not as bad it used to be, and as such I know I’m taking a step closer to heading.

5/23 I think I am finally over the hump! I’ll let you know how it goes. Less itchy and therefore less raw skin.

5/25 I finally took pictures! As you can see I’m very dry. It’s right but I can still function. I’m having a hard time sleeping during normal hours- I eventually get 8 or so hours but it’s broken or it’s during the day. I’m still itchy but less than before. Bottom half pictures coming later.







Week 17 update – flares :(

Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas! I had a great one although it was a bit marred by the fact that I was flaring. I’ve been flaring since last weekend but the flare intensified two days ago. My neck hasn’t even this dry since month three or so. My back had rashes and bumps for the first time in a while as well. Now my skin feels right from the dryness. It seems the best thing for healing, for me, is if I just chill and rest on my bed but sometimes I can’t or don’t want to do that and I seem to pay the price.





Look how dry my skin looks! And that patch on my raw jawline just doesn’t seem to heal. My legs are bit oozey – sticky ooze not gushing will-soak-through-all-the-fabrics oozey. My neck is less ooze and just scabby which I think makes for worse pictures. How was everybody’s Christmas? Hope it went flare free!