9/11 & MCAT

I took the mcat today! I have no idea how I did. Probably worse than I would have done if I didn’t get sick. Oh well. It did seem like a waste of the months I spent struggling and studying hard but that is how life goes! I was actually pretty itchy and uncomfortable during the test, which was unfortunate. Due to temperature deregulation I have going on, I was freezing as well. It was so cold in there even though I was wearing long sleeves and a jacket. Double oh well.

On a more happier note, I bought a mini trampoline!!!!! People on the forum recommended helping the lymph system to reduce the amount ooze I seem to be secreting all.the.time now. The vertical motion of jumping on trampoline is apparently one of the best things you can do for your lymph system! I love trampoline!! I seem to get overheated and uncomfortable jumping on it fairly quickly, but it made me so happy!! Feeling carefree and happy doesn’t come as often in the midst of tsw so I am holding on to that as long as I can!

Also on a happier note, my sublet problem seems to be working itself out! And I saw the boy today! And I am blessed with my family and friends!

Perhaps I have many more reason to be happy after all, I just gotta remind myself. Here’s (hopefully) to a somewhat sane and restful night!

Ps. I feel that I should write about 9/11 or something, but honestly I am too tired and caught up in my own life to reflect deeply about it. Such is my life… but more things to be thankful for, and Obama for love of all that is good in the world, do not spark the fire for world war three. Thanks.