Surprise Wedding with Topical Steroid Withdrawal



I finally got around to writing about my wedding! You can see it on A Practical Wedding. Everybody has been overwhelmingly positive and my husband deserves all the love! I’m so glad I had the chance to share the surprise wedding as well as let people know about Topical Steroid Withdrawal. I hope it makes your day a little brighter. :) 

Surprise wedding with topical steroid withdrawal

My school (UCLA) wrote an article about our surprise wedding! She also talks about topical steroid withdrawal and how it affected or relationship and having a wedding, so do check it out! Many thanks to the Daily Bruin staff!

I got married!

I am a married woman now! I’ve been basking in all the love that comes with the beginning of a marriage. It’s been pretty magical. I am currently creating a post or two on getting surprised with a wedding by my amazing husband and being a bride while going through TSW. It’s been interesting and thought provoking and all around a great learning experience. But for now I leave you with a picture of us having fun. Ah, young love ;)


What NOT to do when your friend is engaged

This post has nothing to do with TSW. It’s about my engagement. I’m the first out of my group of friends to get engaged. I don’t know if it’s because they’ve never dealt with an engaged friend before or what but some of them could be… More tactful about some things. I thought it was common knowledge but I guess reminders can’t hurt.

If your friend is engaged:
1. Don’t declare the cost of The Ring. (I mean really?!)
2. Don’t comment on whether your friend should’ve spent more/less on The Ring.
3. Don’t ask about the cost of said Ring. (Even with daily items it’s considered rude at times so…)
4. Don’t ask if it’s “real” (no it’s a hologram)
4.1. Don’t ask about the stone really at all really (size, color, etc) unless you’re pre-engaged and is looking for practical advice. And even then, proceed with caution.

You may think, “what’s the big deal? I’m just curious/what have you” The big deal is these informations are none of your business and your sole job as loving friend is be happy for the couple and comment the ring is pretty if you think it is (no need to lie). That’s it. Whatever reasons the engaged may find these questions distasteful, aside from just plain violation of manners, is not for you to figure out. So don’t try to do that either and wonder about the underlying issues the couple may have about the ring just because they seem displease to answer your probing questions.

Me and my fiancé are both pretty easy going and I love my ring and think it’s the prettiest thing ever. So the questions, though unwanted, hasn’t phased us. That said, spare others the grief and take these don’ts to heart, please. Your future engaged friends thank you. And if they want to discuss these things, let them bring it up first. Don’t be rude and be that person. Let’s focus on the fact that the ring symbolizes a lifetime of commitment. That alone is plenty precious. Mmmkay?? Ok.

End rant.

Four month down – quick update

Oh tsw, you suck.

Back when I still was using topical steroid, I had a random thought. It was the night before a banquet – the type everybody dresses up and look really pretty. My main worry was not what dress I will wear or other silly girly thing. I was worried about my skin. Then the worry projected into the future and I thought, “gee it would suck if on my wedding day my main worry would be my skin”

Well the worry may be painfully spot on. My skin seems to be doing ok, especially when I consider how far I am (not far) in my journey. I sleep really well, and there are good chunks of time -about an hour or so- that I don’t even think about my skin because I’m itch free! When I say I sleep well, I mean usually (~75% of the time) I don’t wake up for about eight to ten hours. It’s amazing! When I do wake up though, I scratch away and I become a bloody mess. Despite the improvements, however, I wonder if I’ll be presentable enough at my wedding. I think the worst thing about tsw is not the pain and itch itself. It’s living in constant fear of the next flare. I live in fear and worry, scared that I will unknowingly eat the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, be at a wrong place and I’ll be a itchy oozing bleeding mess.

So I worry. Currently my face and lower butt is the worst area, so I worry. In the end I know it’s about the commitment and the man I will promise to love, but I can’t help but wish my skin will behave and I will look good on my wedding day. A part of me is considering going on immunosuppressants, but last time I was on it I had the different type of infections on my face, so I’m worried it might make the situation worse. And if I remember correctly, it didn’t help too much anyway.

Pictures will be coming soon. Overall I’m grateful for the progress I am making, but of course, I wish I could be making it faster. I am currently off traditional medicine, as of about a week and half ago, and been eating all the meats. We shall see how that fares with my skin.