I got married!

I am a married woman now! I’ve been basking in all the love that comes with the beginning of a marriage. It’s been pretty magical. I am currently creating a post or two on getting surprised with a wedding by my amazing husband and being a bride while going through TSW. It’s been interesting and thought provoking and all around a great learning experience. But for now I leave you with a picture of us having fun. Ah, young love ;)


Month 5 timeline

Jan 6: first time I craves the warm sunlight since the is started TSW. I think it’s a great sign! I know rest of America is freezing but SoCal is as warm and lovely as ever. I better take advantage of it!

I decided I’m going to be more proactive about what I put in my body. I already eat generally healthy (Korean food tends to be better than SAD but worse than raw vegan juicing meals) but more has to be done I think. So I am eating about a tbsp of coconut oil, be more strict about gf/lf, eat more veggies and fruits, esp those high in vitamin c, take my gummy vitamins (idk how well it absorbs but it sure is yummy!) and continue to drink a lot of rooibos tea. I ordered chrollela and will start taking that as well.

As you can see, my body is producing its own oil, albeit not a lot. The bottom is white because I scratched it and the top is normal (complete with oil!) skin color. As you also can see, my skin can now take a bit of scratching without breaking. The skin’s strength and integrity has come a long long way since the beginning.

I realized a while ago that I had already gone through withdrawal my first year of college.

Jan 13: my skin is healing well! My skin are clearly getting stronger everyday. That said my scalp and hands/forearm are still itchy every once in a while. No itch fits though. I’m itch free at least 80% of time.

Jan 15: I cut my hair yesterday which made me feel pretty for a first time in long time! Even though my face is still puffy. I can’t wait till my face gets better even though I know that may be a while because I used most amount of steroids, elidel and protopic on my face. Que triste. As of few days ago I seem to feel overheated when I drink hot things. Coincidentally, SoCal got really hot so I am now sitting in the sun and for the first time in long time I’m sweating a bit. I think it’s a good sign for healing of my insides.








The lighting for year photos are actually very accurate. Who knew carpet would make a good backdrop. My face is a bit more red than it normally is due to scratching.

That’s the worst part of my back. Rest have scarring and discoloration but no ooze or scabs or dry patches.

Mom says the back of my neck looks better than the photo.

In summary:
Nicely healing spots – front of legs, back, torso, chest, outside of upper arm, butt
Getting there- both inside and outside, inside of upper arm, neck, scalp, back of legs, where legs meet butt
Still struggle town- forearm, face. Sigh.

What NOT to do when your friend is engaged

This post has nothing to do with TSW. It’s about my engagement. I’m the first out of my group of friends to get engaged. I don’t know if it’s because they’ve never dealt with an engaged friend before or what but some of them could be… More tactful about some things. I thought it was common knowledge but I guess reminders can’t hurt.

If your friend is engaged:
1. Don’t declare the cost of The Ring. (I mean really?!)
2. Don’t comment on whether your friend should’ve spent more/less on The Ring.
3. Don’t ask about the cost of said Ring. (Even with daily items it’s considered rude at times so…)
4. Don’t ask if it’s “real” (no it’s a hologram)
4.1. Don’t ask about the stone really at all really (size, color, etc) unless you’re pre-engaged and is looking for practical advice. And even then, proceed with caution.

You may think, “what’s the big deal? I’m just curious/what have you” The big deal is these informations are none of your business and your sole job as loving friend is be happy for the couple and comment the ring is pretty if you think it is (no need to lie). That’s it. Whatever reasons the engaged may find these questions distasteful, aside from just plain violation of manners, is not for you to figure out. So don’t try to do that either and wonder about the underlying issues the couple may have about the ring just because they seem displease to answer your probing questions.

Me and my fiancé are both pretty easy going and I love my ring and think it’s the prettiest thing ever. So the questions, though unwanted, hasn’t phased us. That said, spare others the grief and take these don’ts to heart, please. Your future engaged friends thank you. And if they want to discuss these things, let them bring it up first. Don’t be rude and be that person. Let’s focus on the fact that the ring symbolizes a lifetime of commitment. That alone is plenty precious. Mmmkay?? Ok.

End rant.