3 yr 8 month


First off, I AM SO SORRY! I have become one of those Topical Steroid Withdrawal bloggers who got better and fell off the surface of the blog. I really didn’t mean to, but life got in the way and my phone is still broken.

My life has been very eventful, but my skin hasn’t been. I have some dryness here and there, but nothing that would be considered out of ordinary with “normal-skinned” people. It’s dry when I first come out of the (admittedly very long and pretty hot) shower, but it goes away in time without mositurizer. My friends still tell me my skin looks amazing, so there’s that. I will prove it to you with pics when my phone arrives.

I hope you are well, and know that it gets better.


2 thoughts on “3 yr 8 month

  1. Hello Easter!
    I am now having flare up of Tsw but I am going to Thailand for a service trip. I am very worried. After reading of your blog, I found that you have many experience! I am very nervous since I am afraid of getting bacteria infection 😭😭do you have any suggestion for me! Thanks for the help! All the best!

    • Hi Rina!
      I traveled a lot during the thick of TSW flares so I feel you! The main thing is infections aren’t as common as we think they are. So don’t be too afraid and let it get in the way of you enjoying your trip. If you’re flying,lots of water and vit c (natural antihistamine) helps. If your hands aren’t affected, wash them frequently (but not w antibacterial soaps, just regular ones) eat lots of garlic and spot treat any infectious looking things a drop of tea tree oil dilutes in coconut oil (both antimicrobial). Swimming in chlorinated pool is good, sea water is good too if youre sure its nit contaminated. As for traveling, there is a post dedicated to tips for traveling w tsw in my blog. I hope this helps and hope you enjoy your trip!

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